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Women's Plus Size Summer Swim Guide!

I had so much fun putting this together! Some of my favorite summer swim goodies!

Click highlighted words below for more info and to shop each suit! *Paid Links

  1. This darling 2 piece comes in 11 different patters and colors, up to size 4x

2. Love the layering on this suit! 19 colors and patters up to size 22.

3. I love the sporty look of this one. Up to 4x

4. This one is so classic and tasteful. It comes in 9 colors, up to size 26.

5. I always love stripes in swimwear, gives it a nautical feel. This one comes in 6 colors, up to size 22.

6. This suit is so functional, and cute, I just love it! Comes in 13 colors, up to size 3x.

7. The scallop detail on this is my favorite! Up to size 3x

8. Is this not the cutest suit!? Loved the cut! Comes in 13 colors and patterns up to 4x.

9. Love that this suit has contrasting pattern. Up to 4x.

10. I Love This! The lemon pattern is darling and the little extra skin in the front is so cute! Comes in 9 colors up to size 20.

Click highlighted words below for more info and to shop each accessory.

  1. I own this hat. I love this hat. Comes in literally tons of colors.

  2. Hello sunshine. This hat wants to be on your head! So cute!

  3. Love this hat for windy beach days.

  4. This floppy beauty comes in 5 colors and is so timeless.

  5. Click here to see the cute detail around the edges of this hat! So fun!

  6. You guys, I was giddy when I came across these mother daughter hats. Are they not darling!?

  7. Love these for mix and matching with your suit, and keeping your hair in check!

  8. These knotted headbands are so cute!

  9. If you feel like making a whole look of it, these earrings are so much fun!

Click highlighted words below for more info and to shop each bag.

  1. I love the nautical feel of this bag, and the little pink puff adds just a touch of fun! Comes in two colors.

  2. This bag is so cute and practical, and comes in tons of colors.

  3. Hello Summer! Need I say more. This guy is darling!

  4. This bag would transition from beach, to afternoon shopping with ease. Comes in 2 colors.

  5. I love the kitschy feel of this bag!

  6. This bag has crazy good reviews, comes in tons of patterns and colors, and the bottom zips off!

  7. Lake life. For those of us who see more lake than ocean during the summer. So cute.

  8. This one might be my favorite of the bunch. Comes in eight colors.

Click highlighted words below for more info and to shop each cover up.

  1. I adore this cover up! I would 100% wear this as an easy summer dress as well! Up to size 24

  2. Pocket and TONS of colors options on this one. Up to 3x

  3. The scallop hem and detail on this made me so excited! Comes in four colors, up to size 18

  4. This one has a braided halter, and I adore this detail. I also love how long it is. I feel like you could easily wear this out on a summer night. Up to Size 24

  5. Possibly my favorite of the bunch. I even love how the model styled it with her hat. Such a pretty dress. Tons of colors and patters, up to size 3x

  6. Simple and tasteful. Offers a little more cover but light enough to still stay cool. Comes in 19 colors

  7. This is so bright and cheery, and pockets to boot! Comes in four colors up to size 36

  8. This one looks so pretty and easy to wear. Comes in 16 colors, up to 6x

  9. Tie dye is really in right now, and I love a strapless cover up. No tan lines! Comes in lots of colors up to 3x

  10. Another longer option. Love the hi-lo hem. So cute! Comes in 11 colors up to size 26.

Shoot me a pic of yourself if you get any of these, I'd love to see it! passionatelycurioushousewife@gmail.com Here's to a great summer!

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