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*Easy DIY costume for women

Let me tell you, when my kids age out of trick or treating I will probably borrow someone else's child to take trick or treating......I promise I'll ask before I borrow them.....I love dressing up. Give me a good theme and I will be giddy. I never have enough opportunities to really play make believe.

As a mom, I tend to use all my creativity on my kiddos, and playing dress for myself takes the back seat (rightfully so). I love an easy costume for myself, but I still want to go all out. I found this hat a couple of years ago and I say this outfit in my mind. Don't ask me to tell you exactly what I call this costume, but I love it, and it's an easy one to do!

The hat. This little cutie is so whimsical and fun! It was this hat that gave me the idea for the entire costume. I bought this one a while back, but I linked several cute ones below.

Makeup. For the makeup, I did foundation, blush etc. just like I normally would. I also did mascara and lined my waterline black. For the mask I used a gel eyeliner (linked below) it comes with a handy little brush! For the dots around the mask, I used the back or the brush and dipped it in the liner and dotted away!

There is so much room within this mask idea to add more to it. Be creative!

Jewelry. For the jewelry I went with this very simple tie necklace with metal ends. This particular one is an Amazon find that comes in a set with a bunch of other options (linked below). I could also easily see glamming this up with a large sparkly statement necklace.

Blazer. This blazer (linked below) is my absolute favorite. It's versatile and comfortable. I didn't have a cloak on hand (go figure) but I would've LOVED this look with a cloak.

The skirt. This skirt moves and looks beautiful when it does. Its drapes and adds drama to the entire look.

This entire look from start to finish to about 15 minutes. It's easy and dramatic and exactly what I wanted. You could easily do this with a bright red lip and red skirt combo. I toyed with adding my black and orange striped socks with high heels. An awesome party pony would look great with this too!

*Shop this look by clicking the pictures below!

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If you created this look for yourself, I would love to see it! Shoot me an email at passionatelycurioushousewife@gmail.com. Stay tuned for more fun easy costumes!

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