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Therabox Subscription Review

Updated: Dec 7, 2021


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*Post contains paid links

**Updated 12/6/2021-Scroll to the bottom for my most recent box!

This week I received some very difficult news about one of my dearest friends. They're ok, but it's been weighing on my mind and heart, and still was when my Therabox arrived. I started opening the products and 20 minutes later, I realized that not only had I briefly forgotten about what was weighing on me, but my senses were firing and I was genuinely feeling....dare I say...better. I was caught up in the new smells, and textures, and the colors and products that were unfamiliar to me.

I immediately emailed the company to thank them. See, my mind is prone to dwell on things and I'm not easily distracted. The fact that this box provided a break from my concerns for a bit was (and is) a big deal to me, and quite frankly surprised me in the best way.

What is neuroplasticity? "Neuroplasticity: is the brain’s ability to continually reorganize itself every single day by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows you to literally change your brain and create a happier life, based on YOUR actions and thoughts!"

- Therabox About Us page

Therabox is founded by a therapist, and her passion to help others create a happier life through self care and self love. The goal with Therabox is to change your brain for the better by actively taking time for you and your happiness on a daily basis.

Valued over $100, each box includes one self care therapeutic activity, (mine was a Manifesting Your Dreams challenge! More on that below) and 6 - 8 full sized wellness products. The subscription is $34.99 a month, you can prepay 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month packages for a discount as well. You can cancel, hassle free, anytime. You can find more details and pricing here clicking HERE.


My box arrived covered, so the box was in great shape. The box itself is really cute and I can't help but think this would be such a fun thing to gift to a friend.

I received the Lunar box. Inside was a pamphlet that talked about the purpose of this box, as well a note of encouragement, which was nice. The pamphlet stated that this months box was valued at $170+. They included descriptions of each product, how to use them, and tips and tricks for each. The websites and costs for each product were listed as well, which it super helpful if you want to repurchase them!

•The Products•

Aminnah Stardust Skies Whipped Body Butter

This Aminnah Stardust Skies Whipped Body Butter was the first product I opened. Can you blame me!? If you think it looks pretty, you should smell it!

Its a thicker product, but rubs in smooth. It has an iridescent glow when its rubbed in, and it kept my skin feeling soft for hours. I love this stuff. It smells amazing, and visually, its just such a fun product!

You can find more about this body butter HERE.

Minimo Flawless Charcoal Face Scrub

Next was Minimo Flawless Charcoal Face Scrub. This scrub was fabulously gritty. Very fine grit that was still gentle on my sensitive skin which was unexpected for a scrub.

I was pumped to use this. I washed my makeup off, but kept my skin damp and gently massaged it in. I washed it off with warm water. This is for sure charcoal because it took a little extra rinsing to get it all off, but not too much. It was super gentle, it hardly had any scent, and the package said that you could repeat the process if you were prone to breakouts, so I went ahead and used it again. My skin felt very fresh and squeaky clean afterwards.

You can find more about this scrub HERE.

Joss+Lyn Hologram Peel-Off Mask

After, I opened the Joss+Lyn Hologram Peel-Off Mask. I love a peel off mask. There is something so satisfying about peeling them off. This was was thick and not runny which was nice. Super easy to put on, and covered well. It had a light fresh scent.

I put this peel on after the scrub and let it sit for 20 minutes. It had this really pretty luminescence about it which matched my nails- an unimportant detail but I was amused. It dried very tight, like its supposed to, and peeled off really well in one piece. I did get some in my hair (which I don't recommend) but I used warm water and a washcloth and it washed off just fine. My skin felt amazing after this!

You can find more about this face peel HERE.

Evolue Firming Toner

Following the peel off mask, I used the Evolue Firming Toner. Loved the top of this. If you've ever had toner before, you know they are super thin so they spill easily. This top will make traveling with it much easier. Super secure!

I put just a bit on a cotton pad and patted gently all over my face and neck. Virtually no scent. No stinging whatsoever. Left me feeling super clean!

Find out more about the toner HERE.

Vitamasques Rose Gold Hydroglow Cream

Lastly I used the Vitamasques Rose Gold Hydroglow Cream. This is a moisturizer, primer, and luminizer in one and it does all those things well!

This cream had little to no scent as well, and again, my sensitive skin loved it. I loved the glow this gave me, and I plan on using in under my makeup for a little extra dewy look.

Find out more about this cream HERE.

*I've been prone to breakouts as an adult, so I wasn't sure what my skin would do. I woke up the next morning and my skin still looked fresh and breakout free!

Chloe Emerald Rosa Quartz Gua Sha

This little beauty helps break down the tension in your face by increasing blood flow. Massaging your skin with this curved cooling stone helps stimulate collagen production, and has a ton of other health benefits.

I decided to put this guy in the fridge because the thought of the cold stone sounded amazing and I was right. It literally felt amazing. I looked up the best ways to massage the face online and I swear even as I'm typing this now, I want to go get it out of the fridge and do it again. For sure one of my favorite items in the box!

Find out more about this rose quartz Gua Sha HERE.

The Happy Shoppe Australian Sandalwood Natural Incense + Wooden Pine Holder Set

While giving myself this lovely facial, I had this nice sandalwood incense going. I didn't realize how much I missed incense until I lit them.

The sandalwood, was a nice familiar scent. Not overwhelming, but peaceful, and just the burning and the bit of smoke created a really nice atmosphere.

You can find more on that HERE.

The Happy Shoppe Manifest Your Dreams Notepad

Once I was all pampered and relaxed, I opened the manifesting notepad, which came wrapped. Very well thought out with activities and thoughts to reflect on, to really put the positivity in your life, into motion.

I really believe in journaling. There is something different about putting your thoughts and desires on paper. This challenge has you writing, speaking things to life, and actively working to put what you want out into the world. I'm looking forward to digging into this more.

You can find more on that HERE.


The products were placed in the box with care, and extra packaging to prevent breakage.

•Everything was individually sealed and wrapped.

•The box itself was wrapped, so it too arrived in great shape.

•These are full sized, quality products.

• I not only enjoyed them, but they were very gentle on my sensitive skin.

•They weren't just practical products, but fun interesting products.

•The included pamphlet was actually super helpful. It described each product in detail as well as where to buy them.

•You can tell this box was thought out and aimed to truly help you take time for you.

•I'm frugal, and the price point of $34.99 a month for everything that came with this box was totally something I'd be happy to pay.

•I love that that they have plans you can buy in 3, 6, and 12 month increments.

•The care they took in the presentation of this box feels like a present, and would be an excellent gift to send any friend (and I totally intend on sending this to my friend).


While I enjoyed the smell of the sandalwood incense, the cute wood holder was pretty flimsy, and I worried that it would fall over.

•It didn't include a tray for the incense ashes so if you don't have one on hand you'd have to improvise.

Altogether, I was incredibly happy with my experience with my Therabox. I would give, and recommend this box to anyone interested in self care, or in need of a little pampering. I'm still playing with that body butter and rose quartz stone as we speak!

You can us code BECCAH10 to receive 10% off your purchase through Therabox.

•For more information check out

Be sure to keep in touch, and sign up for emails below!


Woo-Hoo! I have new box to share with you! All the goodies below!

My TheraBox fall goodies!

Just like before, I'm so impressed with the quality, selection, and experience Therabox provides. They choose products that are safe, from companies who truly care about what they are doing. You can spoil yourself completely guilt free. I believe, you are in excellent hands with Therabox, and that makes me love this company!

Scroll down to see this months goodies, or click HERE to shop for you or a friend!

It's Fall Y'All! Packaged with care, and ready for me to play with!

The first product I went for was this Dirty Lamb Lip Rockz. You guys. The smell is chocolate coconut and it works AND smells amazing.

Next I went for this Bamboo Pin hairbrush from allBambu. I've been in the market for a new brush and this one went through my hair so soft. I love that it's biodegradable!

After that I grabbed the Laguna Beach Herbal Eye Balm. This doubles as a makeup remover (what!?) and guess what? I now use this every night. I love it! For sure helps depuff the under eye area!

Don't let this unassuming packaging fool you- This Steeped Milk Lotion from Farmhouse Fresh is creamy, smells EXACTLY like its honey-chai scent ( I went to bed happily smelling my deliciously scented, smooth hands) smoothed my rough little mits, and apparently helps save forgotten and neglected animals in the process. Amazing!

I'll be honest, Four Sigmatic's Mushroom Cacao Mix didn't sound right. I like mushrooms and cacao, but I had suspicions that it wouldn't taste like it promised.... boy was I wrong. This flavor is like a cinnamon hot cocoa....but with wonderful healthy properties, and no mushroom taste! So impressed by this!

Crisp is the perfect name their Spiced Vanilla Recuperative Shower Gel. It is the perfect fall scent! A really nice lather, and I loved how yummy my entire bathroom smelled after my shower.

We all know probiotics are good for our insides, so I love that Seoulkleen's Probiotic Balancing Cleanser uses a probiotic strain to help heal and stimulate growth of tissue on your skin. This cleanser helps control acne causing bacteria and I love how fresh it made my skin feel!

Each box always has a bit of reading material in it, and this time it had this neat, really interesting book on affordable, sustainable nesting skills. Inside it had information on soil, what to plant next to who, natural pain relief, herbs for anxiety and depression, and the list goes on. Its such a cool little book absolutely full of helpful, interesting info!

Once again, Therabox knocked it out of the park. An entire mindful experience, delivered right to your door! Click HERE to go check out Therabox for yourself.

** "While I do receive gifted items, or compensation in exchange for reviews, I always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics, events, or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers own"

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