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The Perfect Polished Nails

So, there isn't a lot that I get right the first time. I wish this wasn't true, but I'm clumsy and prone to give up in frustration, decide I must try again, vow that I won't EVER try this thing again and so on until I actually get it right. Then I can pretend like I'm just naturally good at whatever this thing is. Lucky for you, I've walked around with embarrassingly terrible nails that I continued to perfect over the years, and now I can pretend I am all knowing and tell you what I've learned.

Step 1- Shake the polish you will use before you get started. This way the color is all mixed up and it gives the bubbles that might be created by the shaking a chance to settle before you use it so they don't get on your nails.

Step 2- Get a good cuticle pusher. I've tried the little wooden sticks. (called orange sticks, see I'm a savant) The best tool I've used by far is the scary looking ones that look like dental instruments. The one I'm currently using is HERE. Rest assured, there's no pain, just use the spoon side and gently push back the cuticle so you have a nice tidy nail bed. I also use THIS cuticle trimmer to get rid of the cuticle once it's pushed back. This is just a preference, but I love having this little guy on hand for hang nails etc.

Step 3- If your nail bed is super uneven, use a good old fashioned emory board and gently even those bumps out. You can also use the emory board to shape the top of your nails, making sure they aren't lopsided. I linked THESE emory boards for you. Just make sure you don't get too fierce with the filing because your nails are delicate.

Step 4- After you've filed your nails, the part that seems to smooth those naughty nails to perfection is the use of a buffing block. I feel like this makes ALL the difference. I use one similar to THIS one (it doesn't look like you can them individually but honestly, I will buy this pack because I will totally use them all) Take the block and gently go back and forth all over the nail bed until the whole thing is smooth.

Step 3- Prep your nail bed. Now that your nail is all tidy, it's a good idea to take a cotton ball and use a little nail polish remover (I like THIS one for the ease of use when my nails are wet) and gently rub each nail to remove any excess oil and dust from filing. This will really help your polish stay on.

Step 4- Polish. I'm not a base coat fan. Unless I'm using red or another color that will stain. I just don't ever really see a benefit to it but if you're a fan, then you go Glen Coco.

How I polish is, I wipe off any excess that might make it hard to brush on without looking gloppy. Then I start at the bottom of the nail, in the center, and gently brush up towards the tip. After that I typically re-dip my brush and wipe off excess and start in the same place at the base of the nail, but this time I slowly swipe up and to the right. Then I re-dip and do the same with the left side of the nail. Once the whole nail has polish, I gently brush back over the whole nail to even it out. If your nail color isn't covering like you want it to, don't add more on top of it. Move on to the rest of your nails and give it another coat once you've painted them all. This gives the first coat a chance to set up a bit. Adding additional coats while the polish is still wet never turns put pretty. I know there's a tendency to just get the dang polish on, but taking your time makes a big difference and if it's not perfect right away, keep at it. Eventually, you'll get it nice and smooth. Once the nail is evenly coated, I move on and follow the same steps with each nail. After they all have a fairly even coat, I give them all a second coat. This helps give the nails a deeper, more even color.

Step 5- If you are going to add any nail art or anything, let your nails have a few minutes for the polish to set up before you start poking at them. If you are a one color kind of girl, once your polish is on, you can immediately move on to a top coat. My favorite top coat is HERE. I use the same pattern for polishing my nails with the top coat as I do for polishing them with my main color.

Step 6- As my Penny tells her big brother when he gets close to her wet nails, "Don't touch it...."

The Salon Perfect nail polish was a first time buy for me and I was really happy. Very strong color, dries quickly, and just a great inexpensive brand! I will definitely be buying again! *Paid Link

I will have more videos saved under "nails" soon and you can also check out my highlights on Instagram for more nail inspo.

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