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The Bin...

Oh Legos, I honestly can’t say enough positive things about them. The motor skills they promote in younger kids, the imaginative possibilities that seem endless, and they can be reconfigured and reused countless time and remain in great condition for literally generations. Since my son keeps them in pristine organized condition there’s absolutely no down side. Thanks for reading!

In case you couldn’t tell….there was some sarcasm just then. I do love Legos, and Lord help me I love my son who loves Legos, but he does not keep them in pristine condition. Pictured below is The Bin.

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The Lego Bin. When he pulls this bin out I watch his mind jump into action and he contently tinkers and builds. He’s a child that needs his brain busy, and his hands along with it. His mind has been busy and in need of a challenge since I can remember. Legos are one of the few things that he can get into and mess with, without using up every paper good, or all the tape (we literally used to ration it to him) or anxiously asking to take apart things he thinks we aren’t using. That being said, his mind telling him to clean up and organize before it and his hands move onto the next messy task has been pretty much nonexistent since I can remember.

For years my husband has wanted to get in there and get his blocks separated by color so it made building easier. I have cringed at the wrappers, dirty socks (you know I’m not kidding) and Goldfish crackers skeezing around in the bin with the innocent Legos. He cleans the bin out, it gets messy again, none of us are happy. Finally at the ripe age of 10 he decided it was time. Praise Jesus. The men took a look at The Bin and calculated what they thought they needed. The bins they chose are linked HERE. They are an excellent size since we knew we had some colors that would require more than one bin, and some that would probably not even take up a single bin on their own. We knew that we wanted them kept in the same shelf HERE so we wanted all the bins the same size regardless of how much actual space they took up.

Bins in hand the three of us set out to separate and clean out the The Bin for the next. Three. Nights……I’ll be honest, after three nights of pulling apart tiny Lego pieces for two hours at a quick pace, I was literally convinced I had arthritis. My old man hands aren’t equipped for that kind of fine detail anymore, but I digress.

Three long evenings later, we had reached Lego nirvana. It was so rewarding. Maddox couldn’t wait to dig in with everything happily separated. We set a bin aside for him to tuck miscellaneous Legos in if he’s in a hurry that he can then separate out the next day. Trust me there are rules about these bins now. The goal is to not have to do this ever again.

In case you were curious, here was the crap we pulled out of The Bin that didn’t belong there (I’m rolling my eyes).

And here is the now glorious sight of happy Legos neatly situated where they belong. Since we are in transition, the shelf we will use for these bad boys isn’t pictured, but HERE it is.

A month later he’s actually digging into the Legos more, and they are still totally organized. Most importantly Maddox is beyond happy we did this. This was a project that was completely worth the time!

Update: Legos are still organized, and we recently let him get THIS set once our house sold! Also, while we were in Billings, Montana we happened upon a store called Bricks and Minifigs. Maddox was in Heaven. They sell new and used Legos, and this is no hokey set up. You could buy anything from new sets, to retired sets, to creations they made there, single specific minifigs, or even create your own minifig! They also had a space for big foam brick building (Penny loved this) They even do birthday parties which would be so cool given how they have the store set up. So fun! The store was truly awesome and the men working there were fun and easy to talk to. Maddox was comfortable and in his element and it was so cool to see. Apparently it is a franchise so if you have a Lego lover in your life, you can check it out HERE and see if there’s a location near you. As for us, we will definitely be back!

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