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Tablecloth, Napkins, and Placemat Settings for Toddler Tea Table

My daughter is three years old and she loves imaginary cooking and tea parties. She sets up her toys and puts out the cups and saucers, and often times she will find a blanket or a pillowcase to use as a tablecloth. Recently my husband informed me that she was using a ratty old dishtowel as her tablecloth (see below).

Since that is incredibly depressing, I decided to help her fancy up her simple table. I had some cream floral fabric that was darling and would make a great tablecloth and napkins and I also had a large stiff felt sheet that I thought would make perfect, simple placemats.

I did the tablecloth first since it would be super simple. I measured the table, and her table top was 23 1/2 inches across the center. I decided to make the tablecloth a perfect square so I cut the fabric 30x30 inches. This would give it plenty of hang over even after I sewed it under. After I cut out the square, I flipped the fabric over, wrong side up, and folded over all four sides and pressed. I then folded them all in a quarter inch again, pressed again, and did a simple stich all the way around. I ironed it and put it on her table. Already so stinking cute.

The placemats were even easier than the tablecloth. I measured the stiff felt against the size of the table. If I went too big they would take up most of the small table and the scale would be all off. 7x12 looked about right and since the felt is so firm there is literally nothing else to do! I cut two since there are just two seats at her table. So easy so effective. I laid them out and its coming together well!

Oddly enough the smallest items took the most effort but rest assured they are still super easy. Now that I had my scale set, I used the placemats to determine what size of napkin made the most sense. To make them perfect squares I measured two pieces 6 x12 inches since I would be folding them in half. They are small, but so is the setting and since she most likely wont be making swans out of them, they will be just fine. After I cut 2, 6 x12inch rectangles, I folded them over on themselves (top sides facing each other).

Once you have pressed them into themselves, you should have 2 six inch squares with the underside of your fabric facing out. Take those little fellas to your machine and sew a 1/4 inch in on all three sides ( you don't need to sew your side that's been folded on the seam) , leaving a two inch gap open at the top in the center (it's easier to make it look nice if the opening is in the center as opposed to a side.

Nip the corners and gently turn your square right side out. You can use your scissor tips (carefully) to gently get the corners to turn all the way out. Press your square flat. Take your opening and tuck it inside. Try to get this part to match up as closely as possible so the entire side looks straight. Press the opening into place and sew a straight line close to the edge to close the opening. Your napkin is done! Repeat for the second napkin. I then folded them in half and put them on the placemats.

I set her table and added a mason jar and some extras. She gets a little particular with her set ups so I wasn't positive she'd like it, but when she came out and saw it she asked if it was her birthday. Success!

She loves this set up and she and her stuffed animals seem to really enjoy the upgrade.

We got her this tea set last Christmas and it is as darling as it looks. It comes in a carrying case and its made of tin and it is so sweet! The table is perfect and she uses it daily!

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