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Red Aspen Nail Review

I love a good set of nails. I typically do my own acrylics, but that can be incredibly time consuming.

When one of the lovely ladies I follow on Instagram @andrearuthmiller offered to send me a set of nails to review, I was thrilled! I've heard of Red Aspen before but I hadn't known anyone personally that had tried them, and I was curious.

Red Aspen is a fairly young company. Founded in 2017 by three Idaho women, they originally started with just lashes and in the last few years they have expanded into a fast-growing beauty brand that sells makeup and press of nails as well as lashes.

I was sent the Red Aspen nail dashes in "Of Quartz, Katie!". After doing a bit of research I found that they name their products after real life people. Each with a story of their own. I love this personal touch.

The packaging is cute, and has thorough instructions and tips on the back. They offer up using vinegar or nail polish remover to clean the nail bed before use. I found this interesting since I'd never heard of using vinegar as a prep option and I love learning something new.

They also include options for the length of wear time.

•Using a thin strip of glue from top to bottom for a shorter wear time (1-3 days)

•Applying a pearl sized dot of glue to your natural nail for a bit longer (4-6 days)

•Putting a thin layer of glue on the back of the nail dash, and a pearl sized glue dot on your natural nail for an extended wear (7-14 days)

*Nails dashes are also reusable which means much longer wear overall.

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was this cute double sided nail file. The blue side is a bit grittier, but not super harsh, and the pink side is more of a buffer.

It states on the box that once you remove the nails you can also use the blue side of the file to remove glue and such, followed by the pink side to restore natural nails.

Once I took the contents out of the box, the thing that caught my eye was the orange stick. That little wooden stick is meant to push the cuticles back. This may seem small, but pushing the cuticle back really helps make things look more natural. I was happy to see that little guy in there because often, nail kits don't include it, which means I have to track one down and that seriously puts a damper of the convenience of them.

Once I pushed my cuticles back, and buffed my natural nail, I prepped the nail bed using just a little nail polish remover.

Next, I fit each one to my natural nails with the correct size of nail dash. I started with my pinky and worked my way in per their instructions. I have really wide nail beds, so I was happy to see that I easily found nail dashes that fit each of my nails.

I opted to go for a longer wear since I'm super rough with things. I put glue over the back of the nail dash and a pearl size dot of glue on my natural nail. The glue they included was interesting. It's thicker than typical nail glues so it took me a second to figure out the right amount. There wasn't a strong smell which is wonderful. This means you could literally do your nails in the car, or on a plane (or at the office lol) without bothering those around you.

Once I had the first nail on, I noticed how snugly they fit. Most press on nails feel like they've been glued to your nail. These felt more clicked in.....like... a lego..... kind of. I took a minute to compare them to other press on nails I had on hand, and the difference I can see is that they go down further on either side of the nail bed. I liked this feature.

After doing the first nail, I had it down, and easily applied the rest in just a couple of minutes!

Removal- To remove the nails I soaked them in warm soapy water for 10 minutes. I then gently lifted them around the loose edges so I could reuse them later.

The overall process was very fast, just a few minutes from start to finish, and they look and feel great!


•Convenience- There have been many times that we were getting ready to head out of town and in the chaos, I had zero time to do my own nails, let alone take time to have them done. You could easily apply these in your car, hotel room, or even on your flight. There is no strong smell so this is a legitimate possibility, and with the nail glue being well below 1 oz. you can easily carry this on. AND that orange stick they've included means you can really have everything for a great, fast manicure all in one convenient spot.

•Option- Red Aspen offers lots of options in terms of colors and patterns. They also offer nail dashes for your toes! This is incredible because toes are so hard to paint and dry on short notice. Using the nail dashes on your toes means you can stick your feet in your shoes within a few minutes without drying concerns.

•Sizing- I can't get over the fit of these, I truly believe a huge part of why they stay on so long is because they literally fit like a glove.

•Cost- While nail dashes are on the higher end of press on nails (the average Nail Dash is around $15.00 plus $4.99 shipping on orders under $100) they are reusable, and with the average set of acrylic nails running anywhere from $35-$50, this is a great deal!

•Durability- I used another brand of press on nails a few months ago that ended up bending in half and breaking off long before they were ready to actually come off. Not only did the nail dashes not bend, I felt no lifting. This is HUGE because even the best nail techs out there have assured me Id never lose an acrylic and I always did. I don't mean to be, but I'm super hard on things, so the fact that these didn't budge is incredible to me!

•Heart- I love that this company names their products after women they know. Each Item is named after a person with a story and I love that they take that time.

•Real Women- I love that I'm getting these from a person that I know. There's something more meaningful in purchasing these from a person rather than a big company. Also, your rep will for sure keep you posted on any sales that might be coming up, or new releases.


Availability- Since your only options are to purchase online, or through a rep, that means that you need to plan ahead. You can't grab these while you are already out at your local grocery store.


I'm impressed. I have no idea how they get the fit so accurate, and the glue so strong- while still making it possible to remove with just soap and water! They are definitely worth checking out! You can reach out to Andrea on Instagram @andrearuthmiller or, click HERE to shop their latest styles.

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