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Puss in Boots

Full costume tutorial, lots of pictures!

When Penny said she wanted to be Puss in Boots for Halloween, I was a little thrown. I suppose I shouldn't have been. The girl has never met a cat she didn't like, and Puss in Boots is a cat with attitude.

She has asked to be all sorts of things this year, but Puss in Boots is the one that has stuck with her.

They didn't have too many options online for us, so like her brothers Jack Frost costume, I went to work making this one.

This was was a lot of fun to create and she's very pleased with herself in it. Ha!

You'll find the links at the bottom for everything I used.

•The Body •

Click any of the photos below to enlarge

I started off my spraying the belly area with this white fabric spray paint. I sprayed it lightly and used this brush (second picture above) to blend it out and break up any of the heavier paint splatters.

Next I used orange and brown fabric paint and mixed them together. Using a patting motion with the same brush I used to blend the white (washed off) I patted some lines along the side of the body and down the sides of the pants. I matched the stripes with the other side of the body and pants as well.

After this, I patted a lot of the paint off of my brush and used it to blend in between the stripes. See more below.

Once I blended in between the stripes, I pulled some of that color just a little bit onto the white belly part as well.

Next I made stripes down the arms and legs, and blended throughout. I followed the stripes around the arms and legs so they matched the arms and legs on the front, and blended.

On the back, I did a heavier stripe straight down the middle. I pulled the stripes from the shoulders and body around the sides so things matched up front to back. I did the same with the back of the pants.

The last thing I did was stretch out the sides along the seams (last picture above) and make sure I really got paint on those seams since it will stretch out a bit once its on.


What I did was buy tall white socks at the dollar store. I sewed it to about 2 inches wide and stuffed it with batting. I mixed my fabric paints to match the main body of the costume, and painted the entire thing. Then I painted the stripes around it just like on the body. Once it dried, I sewed it to the back of the pants.

•Boot Covers•

The first thing I did was find a pair of her boots that had a similar shape to what I wanted. I measured around the base of the foot, and from top to bottom. Because I wanted some overlapping, I decided to make sure my boot pattern was 18 inches long.

Next I laid out some butcher paper (so handy for patterns) and traced the back, and both sides of the boot making sure to get that curve of the toe all the way down to the sole.

The black piece in the first two pictures above was there just for reference for me. Just ignore it.

I cut out the pattern I made of the back and both sides of the boot. Then I cut it evenly straight down the middle. I laid it back on the paper, and with the toes on either end of the 18 inches I traced my final pattern. Now it has that extra overlapping added.

Now that I have my pattern, I traced it onto the back of my black pleather. I cut it out and sliced it down the middle (see last photo above).

Next, I laid each piece on top of the other (right sides together) and sewed up the toe and the front of the boot. Leave the back open. This is how it will look when you turn it right side out.

To make the fabric lay over and give the boots that folded down look like Puss in Boots, I cut another piece of pleather six inches by 18 inches. I folded it in half (right sides together) and sewed it to the wrong side of the fabric along the top. Then I folded it over the top, to the right side, and tacked down each end.

The, I wrapped the cover around the boot and fit the velcro where it will overlap comfortably. I used the sticky back velcro and this worked so well at getting it in the right place while I sewed it still. The last thing I did was stretch a piece of elastic across the underside of the pad and heel of each boot. This helps keep the cover from flapping up and adjusting.

•The Cape•

Penny chose this sparky stretch fabric for her cape. Because of the material it is, it won't fray much if at all, so I didn't finish the edges.

For the neck I cut a piece 3 x 11 inches and folded it in half lengthwise. I pressed it into place. For the main part of the cape, I cut an 18 x18 inch square. I gathered the fabric to fit in the center 9 inches of the neck piece. I tucked it into the folded neck piece and sewed it into place. At the ends of the neck piece I just attached them on top of each other so they came to a point in the front.


For the hat, I found a similar one to Puss' hat (linked below). I replaced its white feather with this gold one. I removed the chin strap, and I used a glue gun to glue maroon fabric around the base of the hat.

•Belt and Sword•

I Found a black belt at Goodwill and purchased the sword online (linked below).

• Face Paint•

This process......The face paint we used is awesome. It's one I've used forever and I love it. Penny has very sensitive eyes, and they would not stop watering. I had big Broadway, CATS type makeup prepared.... but it is what it is. If she's happy, I'm happy!

If you made this costume, I would love to see it! Send me an email at passionatelycurioushousewife@gmail.com. Don't forget to sign up for email updates below!

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