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Paper Wings Tutorial

Full paper wing tutorial. Lots of pictures.

I remember seeing paper wings a while back and falling in love with them. There is something so beautiful about them.

I love that they are full and defined, but still somehow have warmth and movement to them.

When I was looking up Halloween costumes this year, I came across a very basic feather wing set and was reminded of these.

I knew I had to make them.

Click any of the pictures below to enlarge.

The first thing I did was go to Goodwill and I bought three of the biggest books I could find. Since paper colors differ greatly, I chose books with three different paper colors. My hope was that this would help blend things together, and also add some dimension for the wings.

I cut the pages into the above feather shape. I made stacks of feathers from each book, and I rotated the feathers from each stack as I went.

Next, I folded each one down the middle, length wise (see second photo above).

For the base, I took this heavier cardboard that we had and I drew a large heart. For the height, I measured a few inches above my head to a few inches below my back. I cut the heart in half and taped it together so it would bend easily. Then I cut a v shape out of the bottom of the heart (see last photo).

I honestly wasn't sure how to get these going, but it only took a minute to find the best pattern. I started with just making a small dot with the hot glue gun, and gluing only the end of the feathers down and leaving the rest of the feather lose. Then, rotating the different colored pages, I just staggered them. Going in straight, even rows didn't look natural so going in a slight zig-zag was what I did.

I continued the pattern throughout. Around the outside part of the wings, I angled the feathers slightly in. Around the inside part of the wings, I angled the feathers slightly in (see last photo above).

The top part of the wings I angled outward, slightly, and I ran the feathers down both sides at the top.

Once I had the back (this is the part that will face out) done, I alternated feathers along the side of the wing. I angled each one in a different direction so that things were really filled in. This made them look really full and more natural.

For the part that would lay against my back, I glued the feathers on the bottom 3/4 of the wing completely flat. Once I hit that last top quarter, I repeated the same pattern and look that I had on the back side of the wings. More below....

Alternating feather colors and following the zig-zag pattern, only gluing the top of each feather on.

Here is the part that your back will go against (left), and the back that will show (right).

Once I was completely finished, I decided where I wanted the wings to sit, and I lifted up the feathers and cut slit in for the run ribbon to run through. I knotted and glued them into place and I was all set!

If you made these, I would love to see them! Send me an email passionatelycurioushousewife@gmail.com.

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