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Olive & June Review

*This post contains commissionable links

If you're like me you've for sure seen Olive & June ads on your social media, and at Target. And if you're like me you were super drawn into their fab bright colors. Id only seen their ad once or twice before I knew I had to give them a try.

I'm a self proclaimed nail polish savant of sorts. I've tried a lot of them and I can tell you which ones cover best, and which get really gross and sticky after one use. Which wear off too easy, and which you will still be wearing in the afterlife. Which seem like they cure way to fast, and which still feel tacky days later... the list goes on.

With the super bright colors, generally, you need a few coats to get the desired color you see in the bottle so I was curious to see how Olive & June measured up.


*Click any of the photos below to enlarge

Ok listen to me. I know, and you know, the packaging (or lack of) does not make the product. BUT when companies care about what they are selling you, you can feel it. My Summer Box was delivered exactly as you see above. Fun, interesting box, with the kit securely inside another pink box with the "&" logo on it. Love that they welcome you on the box (smiley face).

•The Summer Box•

The box itself has a nice internal magnetic closure on it. When you open it, the box has the hashtag #oliveyourmani.

My first thought when I opened the box was how much I would love to receive this as a gift. It's bright and fun and there so much to look at I didn't even know where to start!

They included this manual that is perfection. It tells you what each item is, how to use it, and in which order to use it. This is perfect for the at home mani newbie, but also for anyone new to Olive & June. Even I wasn't sure what to do with a few of the products at first glance.

I didn't realize The Summer Box came with nail stickers so that was such a fun surprise. They are all super bright and summery and can be seen on top of the bright polishes, no problem. You can buy super cute Olive and June nail stickers at Target too!

Stickers. Decorate the box, let you kiddos play with them. Put them on your phone, or on your computer. I just love little extras.

The goods. If you literally have never done your nails at home, ever, you don't need to run out and buy anything. Literally. Inside of this cute neon, re-closable bag you'll find a clean- up nail brush, nail clippers, "The poppy" (more on that in a minute", buffing block, nail file, cuticle serum, all with a version of Olive & June's logo.......but that's not all......

......They also included a nail polish removing pot. I was like "Oh cool, nail polish remover", but its not like a get your cotton ball out situation. There is foam and a slice down in the center of the pot so you can put your finger directly in, OR (and I hadn't seen this before) It has a foam piece under the inside of its lid for rubbing directly on your nails. What!? I love this because before I put polish on, I rub nail polish remover on my clean nail to help prep for the polish. They literally thought of everything.

•The Poppy•

If I'm being super honest, when I saw The Poppy in one of the Instagram ads I was like "How nice for beginners". I'm not afraid to tell you I was wrong. Each nails polish top comes off (but still leaves behind a top so don't worry about spilling) and The Poppy fits snugly on top and provides, I guess you'd say- balance- as you paint. I was honestly surprised by how much I liked it. It gets rid of the shakiness dealing with a rounded polish lid and I 100% love The Poppy. I'm sorry I minimized your contribution Poppy.

•The Polish•

All the fabulous goodies aside, the entire reason you are reading this is for the polishes. Lets get into it. They are as bright and yummy as they appear to be on line. I've listed each color name with picture below. The Summer Box included 7 colors ( with fun summer names), and a super fabulous looking top coat. All of the polishes are 7 free. 7 free polishes are made without the seven toxic chemicals typically found in most nail polishes. This makes me feel better about using their polishes on my Penny's precious little nails.

*Scroll past the colors below to continue review.

To answer your question, I did not have a favorite color. They were all so vibrant, and painted on so smoothly and with a strong color throughtout each!

I was so pleased with the color of these. I didn't have to pile on the polish to make it look like the bottle, they were perfection. I has no unsightly bubbles, and the top coat gave a smooth, melty, flawless finish that I love to see.

My Penny was completely mesmerized by this box and colors. She can barely sit still, so she smudged a bit, but even after running around, and a bath, the colors held up longer than others on her.

The cherry on top is that the box everything came has a "shelfie for your selfie". So simple, so clever.

•Pros and Cons•

"Nothing is perfect, and there is always room for improvement", I told myself when I slept on this last night. Listen when someone nails it, they nail it. No pun intended. I tried to come up with a con for you, but there just... wasn't one. Every single item is thoughtfully picked out, and well made. Everything is practical, and helpful to the process. Each item does what its supposed to do, and you cannot beat the quality of the polishes. You just can't. I'm thrilled with Olive & June, and they will be taking the place of my old favorite brand.

Click HERE to head over to Olive & June and checkout their new Fall Box! Use code: REBECCAH20

*Click the picture below to watch the colors go ombre!

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** "While I do receive gifted items, or compensation in exchange for reviews, I always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics, events, or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers own"

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