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Mint Oreo Easter Cake with Toasted Coconut (yes, we already ate the entire thing)

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

I love holidays. Any holiday really. I love having an excuse to dress up. I love having an excuse to try new recipes and I really just love having something fun to look forward to.

While I was in the store recently I saw those yummy malted milk Easter eggs. You know the ones that are speckled in different colors. SO GOOD! Seeing those little cuties inspired me make an Easter dessert (or lets be honest just a dessert that we finished in less than a day). I decided this would make an excellent mint Oreo cake. I love mint, and my little family loves Oreos, and I wanted to put a little nest on top (see its Easter-y!) and thought toasted coconut was just crazy enough to work!

Here is what you will need-

•Betty Crocker Yellow cake mix

•Betty Crocker Vanilla frosting

•Enough milk to replace the water

•Melted unsalted butter to replace oil

•Three eggs

•Big spoonful of Mayonnaise

•Mint extract

• 10 whole Oreos


•Butter and Flour to grease your pan

•Assorted Candy for decorating

For the cake you’re going to get Betty Crocker Yellow Box cake mix. We’re going to mix up the directions on the back with a few substitutions. Instead of water you’re going to substitute it for the same amount of milk. In place of oil your going to substitute it for the same amount of melted, unsalted butter. You’ll still use three eggs. You’re also going to add a large spoonful of mayonnaise. Bear with me now. I know a lot of you hate mayonnaise, as does my son but I promise you, you will not taste it one bit. The mayo simply makes it incredibly soft. Trust me here. Take the leap of faith. Go outside of your comfort zone. A journey of a thousand miles- you get what I’m saying. Just try it.

Next, grease your pan with butter, and coat it with flour, shake out any loose flour. Buttering and flouring your pan is so important. It helps your cake come out of the pan with so much ease. I’ve ruined some cakes in my day trying to remove them from the pan. Then its just me, eating cake crumbles pathetically out of a pan because wasting is wrong, right!?

Then you're going to mix everything up and fill whatever pan you’re using half way with batter. Depending on the pan you use, and the altitude you’re at, you’re going to want to check the cook time on the back of your cake box. For my little pan, I did 350 degrees for 17 minutes. Also, for this I did three cakes for three layers. This could so very easily be a single layer cake. Don’t kill yourself over the layers. This cake is pretty and delicious and everyone will love it anyways, and by extension they will love you. Trust me on this. Once it's cooked, let it cool for a few minutes and then carefully flip it onto a cooling rack.

For the pretty pretty frosting you’re going to add mint flavoring to your vanilla Betty Crocker frosting. Mint is one of those things that’s largely up to personal taste. I recommend adding a quarter teaspoon and seeing what you think, and if it needs more adding an eighth of a teaspoon until you get that flavor just how you like it. After that you’ll put 10 Oreos in your food processor (or put them in a bag and beat with your angry little fists) 10 entire Oreos, crème and all. Stir into the frosting a couple of spoonfuls of the battered Oreos and set aside.

For the toasted coconut you’ll put one cup of coconut on a pan set to 350 degrees and cook for five minutes. After that, stir coconut and check it every minute or so, stirring each time until it’s a light golden brown. This can also be done in a pot on the stove top. You’ll have to babysit it, but you’ll be able to tell how dark your coconut is getting a little bit more accurately.

Once your cake is done let it cool completely. If you are layering the cakes, you'll want to cut the tops off so they all sit flatter for a more perfect cylinder look. For layering, you'll set your cake down, put on a layer of frosting, sprinkle some of your Oreo crums on top of the frosting (keep the cookies an inch or so in from the edge, this will make frosting the cake a tidier process), then put a cake on top and repeat the frosting and Oreo crumbs ending with just cake on top.

Once everybody is stacked up you’re going to frost this bad boy. Apply a thin layer (crumb coating) of the pretty pretty frosting all the way around the outside of the cake and then put a second layer on. If you’re a terribly messy person like me, this recipe is your friend. The Oreos already being in the frosting offer a lot of forgiveness. Once the whole cake is frosted how you like it, take your perfectly toasted coconut (looks perfect, go you!) and put a good amount in a birds nest like clump on the top. Thin out the clump so you can add little toppings into your "nest". I also put a layer around the base of my cake. I’m currently self quarantining so I didn’t have a chance to run out and grab more of those malted Easter eggs (do you even have to ask if I ate them?) but they would be perfect on top! Or even an assortment of different kinds of candy eggs. Maybe a peep or two? These would also make the cutest little cupcakes! Love it!

Like any masterpiece, how you set the surroundings makes all the difference as far as presentation goes. I added a few things down below for some inspiration. That yellow cake stand down there comes in several bright adorable colors and I need it! I can’t wait to see your cake and set up! If you made this little cutie send me over a picture! I’d love to see yours!

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