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Little Red Riding Hood

*Modern Day Costume and Hooded Cape/Cloak Tutorial, Lots of pictures.*

Oh Little Red.

Everyone's favorite cautionary tale about what happens when you listen to your mom and check in on your ill grandmother....I feel like there had to be better ways to teach kids lessons back in the day rather than scaring them into thinking that they will be eaten whole by a wolf pretending to be their grandma....Or Hansel and Gretel. Don't eat peoples houses, or they, in turn, will eat you? I don't get it.

Anyway we all know different variations of the tale, but we can all agree for certain that there's a wolf, and Little Red. My take on it is that Little Red has indeed learned to be on the lookout, and now, as a grown woman she's taking matters into her own hands.

Truth be told I planned to do this shoot in the woods in fall. Hence the t-shirt. But by the time the outfit was done and ready to go, we (overnight) got over a foot of snow and rather than reworking the whole thing, I just went with it. So Little Red is ready for the wolf....but not for the snow.....she'll never learn. But don't tell her that. She has an axe she borrowed from her neighbors. She doesn't want your opinion.

•Super easy to create this look for yourself. I just did black leggings, tall socks and boots, and this super cute tee. (Actually seeing the tee online was what gave me the idea for the whole costume anyway!) •For makeup, I did it like I always do, but this time I added red lips, and rosy cheeks.

•Red nail polish looped things


•I quite literally borrowed this axe from my kind neighbors, but I linked a costume one that looks similar at the bottom.

• I couldn't find a cape that had the feel I wanted so I've included directions to make a really simple one for yourself below!

•Homemade Hooded Cape•

*Click any of the photos to enlarge

To start, I purchased this pre-cut four yards of red fabric from Walmart. I wanted my cape to be wide and billowy so I folded it in half top to bottom. Then I measured six inches in and cut off what would then measure 6 inches by four yards for our tie. Yes, that is long. Set that aside. Then at the top (where me folded the whole thing in half), I cut along that fold so I'd have two, two yard pieces to attach side by side to create that width I wanted.

Next, sew the two pieces in a straight line down the entire length of the cape so that the two pieces are now attached side by side. I also zig-zaged along the raw edge (middle picture). Since we now have the basic piece we need, we are going to finish all four sides by folding the fabric 1/8 inch (toward the wrong side of the fabric) all the way around, and pressing into place.

•Tidy Corners•

Tidy corners were something that eluded me when I first started sewing.....I have lots of blankets to prove it.....Making tidy corners is easier than I would have expected! Once you've pressed 1/8 inch in all the way around, take one corner and fold the point in (see first photo). Next, take that edge that runs up and down and fold and press it in 1/8 inch (see middle picture above). Then take the side that runs side to side, and fold and press it up to make a clean corner and point (last picture above). Now sew the whole thing into place in a straight line along that inside edge.

Ok, now we are going to mark where we will run the casing for our tie that will both gather the fabric, and hold the cute bow around the neck. Ignore my picture and make sure you flip your fabric over on the wrong side to mark it. Right along the center seam where we joined together the two pieces of fabric, I made a mark, 21 inches in. What I did was start at the corner, and made a big arc from the left corner, slowly up to the 21 inch mark in the center, and then slowly arc down to the right corner. (You aren't this far yet, but blow up the last picture to understand our shape we are marking).

You can totally use the same colored fabric here, but I used this fun checkered fabric. I cut a piece 3 inches by 90 inches, then I folded in 1/8 all the way around this fabric, and pressed it into place. I then tacked both ends under with a simple straight stitch.

Now, following the markings we made, pin your casing in place along that arc. Once it's pinned, sew a straight line along both sides of the casing, leaving your two ends open so we can thread the tie through. When that's done, you should have this arc from corner to corner.

•Making The Tie•

Remember that six inch by four yard tie we cut off at the beginning? This is where we use that! Fold the entire piece in half and press the entire length of the tie. Next, towards the wrong side of the fabric, press all four sides 1/8 inch. Then, using that center fold as your guide, take each corner and fold the sides down so they are touching, and make a point at the end. Now simply fold it back in half and voila! Nice and tidy corner. Do that on both ends and then sew a straight line the entire length and down the points of the tie.

Last Step! Attach a safety pin to one end of your tie, and gently thread the end through the casing you created! Pull it through to the other side, and you're done! You did it!

If you made this cape, I would LOVE to see it! You can shoot me an email at passionatelycurioushousewife@gmail.com! Also don't forget to sign up for my newsletters below!

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