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Jack Frost Costume

*Rise of the Guardians, Jack Frost costume tutorial. Lots of pictures!

Last year my son took his old skeleton costume (I bought it a size too big) and decided that's what he wanted to be.

This year he wanted to be a very authentic Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians.

We searched online and the purchase options were disappointing, so I decided we would make it.

After he made some less than polite remarks about my skills...and I gave him a super long lecture about how little care was put into my costumes growing up ( a sheet with 2 holes in it (ghost), pigtails and overalls (a farmer)......he felt sufficiently guilty and I went to work mapping out this costume to look as authentic as possible.

My son is very tall for his age so I found the above hoodie (mens) and pants (boys) online and they worked perfect. I will link everything used for this costume at the bottom!

Click any of the pictures below to enlarge.

• Sweatshirt•

The first thing I did was wash and dry the sweatshirt. This is a good idea when using fabric paint. I decided to start with the pocket. I took this wider, flat brush dipped it in the paint and let it drag an inch or so straight down and I swiped it a few more times before I re-dipped. I did the same technique with the side of the pockets, only this time I swiped at an angle.

The Frost - I did not go heavy on the paint at any point here. Jack's frost patterns are very natural looking and I didn't want it to look too fake. A lot of the homemade ones I saw online made snowflake patterns. I did some research and I don't ever see any snowflakes on him. Just very frosty, icy type patterns.

Then I started those ice patterns. If you look at the first picture above, you can see where I tried crossing my lines on the right. I didn't love the look of it, so I ended up doing more long lines that jut out at the ends rather than crossing them multiple times.

Next, I took the brush you see in the middle and I really got a lot of the color off on it. I went up and down all of the lines with this sort of pouncing technique. I also did this heavily along the smaller brush strokes I did across the top and sides. I thought about it as the lines were ice, and the pouncing marks are the frost around them. I went heavier closer to where the brush strokes are, and as I got to the edge of each icy line, I went much lighter with the pouncing.

The picture above to the left is after the pouncing. You can see why I ditched the crossing pattern. It just didn't look natural.

Then I moved to the neck line. I did the same type of lines as I did on the pocket, but this time I went longer. I had them go at a slight angle out to match the ice pattern I intended to make.

After this I made my ice lines fan out around the neck. Like Jack's, I drew the lines down the center of the chest slightly longer than the rest of it. I went across the top of the shoulders as well.

Once you pounce around your lines, make sure you really blend in around the neck and fade as you come down the chest. Think frost! The photo above (on the right) shows what a difference blending can make.

The pattern on the arms is very different than the body of the hoodie. I went with more broken up long strokes here. I don't have a picture, but I did go back over and pounce the the brush on these lines, and blend.

I followed the same pattern with the hood as well (third photo above). Then I went back over and pounced those lines and blended it all the way through and down into the shoulder. I didn't paint under the hood on the back since you won't see that unless the hood is up.

Lastly, along the base of the back of the hoodie, I alternated longer and shorter straight lines and pounce blended along the base. I didn't do any icicles since Jack's seemed simpler in the back as well.

• Pants •

Click any of the pictures below to enlarge.

I started off with these joggers. I washed and dried them before I got started. I chose these because Jack's pants are super tight around the ankles. Originally I planned on taking them in, but after wrapping this twine (type stuff) around them and sewing them into place, they looked great and I wanted to make sure they weren't too tight for my son to get into. Then I took my seam ripper and roughed the edges up. This could easily be done with scissors. Once you wash and dry them a single time, they will fray and look a little more naturally worn.

Jack's pants look very worn so I bought this awesome aerosol fabric pant, and I very lightly sprayed in uneven patches all over. I made creases near the crotch area and sprayed over it just as Jack's pants are.

I found the perfect icy blue fabric paint and went about painting jagged lines. After I did the lines, I did the pouncing we talked about with the sweatshirt, in blue, along those lines. I gave it a few minutes, and did the same thing with the white fabric paint. The frost patterns aren't as heavy on his pants, so I was a little more sporadic here, focusing on the ankles. I did the same thing to the back of the pants.


For the staff, we bought a staff called a shepherds staff. It had the closest shape to Jack Frost's. It came in three parts, and it ended up being my sons height. We opted to take the middle section out (it still screwed easily together) so the height of it was more proportionate. I bought icy blue, and white spray paint. I started about a foot from the bottom of the staff and made very light sprays of the icy blue, stopping towards the top where the curve starts. I gave it a minute and then with the white, I did the same thing starting a couple of inches up from where we started the blue, and stopping a couple of inches where we stopped the blue paint.


For his hair we just bought white Halloween hair spray. I used an entire can on his head. I was fully prepared to do a second can to get it super white- but he was over the cloud of spray! Ha!

If you made this, I would love to see it! You can shoot me an email at passionatelycurioushousewife@gmail.com. Don't forget to subscribe below for email updates!

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