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Hidden Crown Extension Review

**Lots of pictures

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My entire childhood, my hair was down to my lower back. Super thick, I could barely wrap a pony tail holder around it twice. When I was 14 I cut it off above my shoulders....that was the last time my hair was that long. It was still thick though.

Fast forward....a few years. I've been dying and bleaching and highlighting and lowlighting and re-bleaching and now my poor hair for so long.... It is not in great shape.

I've worked to grow it out and get it healthy. *sigh* It's just not what it used to be.

As a girl, if your hair isn't what you want, you dye it and get extensions, right?

•I have had glue in extensions

Upkeep is very expensive and caused further strain to my hair

•I have had tape in extensions

I found them uncomfortable and they are definitely hard to style any way other than down

•I have had lots of different clip in extensions

They are time consuming to put in, and they require teasing and blending the hair to help match which causes further damage and breaking.

I was displeased with all my options so I set out to see if there was possibly anything else available. I came across Hidden Crown Hair, and I haven't looked back since I ordered my first crown.

So, when Hidden Crown asked me to review their crowns, it was a big yes from me!

*Click on any of the pictures below to enlarge.

Typically, I review products I'm trying for the first time. This time I get to tell you why I love Hidden Crown, how to purchase a crown for yourself, how to use them, and why I will continue to love them!

•How to choose•

Hidden crown uses human hair. It's beautiful, and great quality. They have many different extension options to choose from. Lots of colors including highlighted hair. If you're confident, you can choose the color yourself. If you're unsure of which to choose, they actually have color match specialists who can help you without even leaving your home! As a bonus, since it's human hair, you take your crown to your stylist to dye and cut if you need to! You can learn more about Hidden Crown extensions HERE.

I've chosen different crowns and colors before, but this time I went with the 18" layers in #60 Platinum Clearest Blonde.

•How they come•

The extensions come in a thick bubble envelope. Inside, everything you need for your extensions is in a nice reusable black zippered bag you can use to hang your extensions. The extensions themselves come in their own plastic pouch with a snap closure.

Included is extra "wire" and crimping beads in case you need to replace yours. Hair swatches with the colors above and below the color your ordered in case the color you ordered isn't quite right. A Hidden Crown clip, and hair comb with pick. Little pliers for the crimping beads, and the perfect hanger for your hair when you aren't wearing it.

Last but least, they come with the handiest pamphlet that tells you just about everything you need to know about your crown.

•The Hair•

The hair comes in its own package, attached to carboard backing with two zip ties. DO NOT CUT THE ZIP TIES until you are positive the color will match. You cannot return your crown once you cut the ties. So, check your color, check the two swatches they sent you, and be sure this is your color. Once you are sure, and you cut them from the cardboard backing, you will see the clear wire, attached to the crown. They have done the wire set up for you, so you can just adjust it to fit you. You'll need to make sure its snug, tie it, and cut off excess wire. This isn't difficult, you'll just need to follow the full directions for that in the pamphlet.

The hair comes straight, and the pamphlet says the crown doesn't need any styling products. It also states that styling products can damage the hair so be sure to read up on that completely before you put anything on your hair.

Since I wear my hair wavy, I attached my hair to the hanger and curled it. One of my favorite things about this hair is that once its been curled a few times, it stays that way for quite while so doing my hair literally takes minutes.

•How To Put Them On•

Putting the hair on is super easy, just three steps! Clip it up, put it on, use your comb to blend. Easy peasy!

I use THIS blow dryer, and I dry my hair. Since we are blending, I don't do anything else with my hair. This way it has a soft wave closer to the top of my head, that goes down to the curls, just like you would see naturally in long curled hair.

I part my hair in the middle (you can part it anywhere). Then I take their comb and I separate my hair, about a third of the way back from my forehead.

Next, I clip the hair up into place. Make sure you get any stray hair. This makes it easier to get the crown in place.

I take my pretty pretty hair off the hanger, and hold it so that the inside of the band on my crown will face the back of my head once its on.

I place the crown, over the front of my gathered hair. Adjust it a bit so that the sides are even on both sides of my head. Once its in place, I gently push it down so it feels secure on my head, but not so tight its uncomfortable.

Lastly, blending. I run the comb along the band all the way around to make sure I have all the hair pulled out the top. (DO NOT grab hair that falls under the band. This will pull on your crown.) Finally, the most important step, right at my part, I gently zig zag the comb down the wire on both sides. This helps it blend totally with your natural hair at the part.

Note: The first time or two you wear your crown, it will feel like it isn't sitting flat against your head. It needs a few hours, and the warmth from your head will help it mold closer to your scalp. Typically, by my second wear it, feels like it should.

And that's it! So pretty!


These store beautifully! I have three. Ha! And I keep them and all their parts clean and zipped up and hung in my closet.


I style these every which way! Whatever you would typically do, you can do with your crown.

I love Hidden Crown, and I have zero complaints.... which is rare for me.

•The cost is far less expensive than conventional extensions, but the quality is still fabulous. •Its healthy human hair and doesn't cause damage.

•On days I don't wash my hair, it literally takes under 2 minutes to put on my crown and look totally put together.

• There are no hidden costs or extras you need to go and get. It comes with everything you need.

•The color match process takes the guess work out of things.

I highly recommend Hidden Crown extensions! Click HERE to take a look at their site and get all the details!

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** "While I do receive gifted items, or compensation in exchange for reviews, I always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics, events, or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers own"

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