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Easy DIY Knotted Headband

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love a good headband. I tend to get picky about the style and patterns though. I don't love the ones that are more like headscarfs because no matter how I tie them, they tend to slip. I like the traditional heabands that just slip on, but they feel a little dressier to me. I love the elastic headbands though!

After examining some of my favorites and combining the things I love about them all, I made two (one for me and one for Penny) These are the perfect use for your scrap fabric, and elastic! They don't take much of either and they are super easy to make! I'm so excited to share this with you!

First thing we are going to do is cut our elastic and fabric. You will only need three cuts of fabric, and one piece of elastic, that's it! Headbands cuts of fabric are as follows:

Adult Headband

16.5 x 11 For the main part of the headband

11 x 6.5 For the knot on top

12 x 2.5 For the elastic casing

6 inches of 1 inch elastic (laying flat, not pulled)

Toddler Headband

15 x 8 For the main part of the headband

9 x 5 For the knot on top

10.5 x 2.5 For the elastic casing

5 inches of 1/2 inch elastic

•Getting Started•

*Click on photos to enlarge

I used a super flowy fabric here....like a crepe-y chiffon....I have no idea, I didn't personally make it, but that's why my cuts don't look quite straight, they are, they just don't look it.

Ok so once you cut them, fold all of them in half (right sides together) hot dog length. If you didn't go to kindergarten, that's folding it lengthwise. Now press them into place. See middle picture below.

Once you have folded them, sew (Just the top piece and the bottom piece pictured, don't touch the middle piece yet) a straight line along the open side a quarter inch in (see poorly drawn lines above).

•Making Top Knot•

Ok so your middle piece of fabric will be the cute knot on top of your little head. We are going to cut the fabric so we have the little points on both ends. We've already folded and pressed it once, now fold it in half lengthwise again. Perfect. Now make a mark 2 inches from the top. Well done. Now use something straight, and cut from the mark you just made to the opposite corner. Do this with your other side. Your piece should look like the last photo above.

Unfold this little fella and sew a quarter inch all the way around, leaving a two inch opening so we can turn it right-side out. Click on the pictures above to blow them up.

Now nip off the little tip on each end. This will help your points look- pointier- once we turn it right side out! Using your two inch opening turn your knot right side out and use something pointy to help get your corners all the way, just don't push too hard. Now press the whole thing down flat and fold your two inch opening in just a bit (third photo above),press and sew the opening closed, as close to the edge as you can. Knot is done! Set is aside.

•Adding Elastic•

I find this part oddly satisfying, I'm not sure why. Take your skinniest piece. We have already folded it in half and sewn a straight line along the opening. Now turn it right side out using something pointy to help you. This can be a little annoying, just be patient. Once it's right- side out, press it so that the seam is on one side and the top has nothing on it (shown above in pictures 2 and 3). Next attach a safety pin to one end of your elastic and put it into your casing.

Using the safety pin, work the elastic through to the other side. Line up both ends of the elastic with both ends of the fabric and sew into place. Set Aside.

•Body of the Headband•

This one is very simple. Just like with the casing, turn it right side out (much easier with this piece) get the seam on the back and press. You did it!

You now have all three pieces you need completely ready to go, and this is the fun part. Putting them all together is a snap!

Lay the body of your headband flat, seam side down, and place the top knot piece over it. Find the center of your knot, then go about and inch above the center (so it won't be sewn perfectly in the center of the knot) and tack it to the center of the body. Yaaas girl!

Ok so with your body and knot pieces facing up at you (no doubt admiring your spectacular sewing skills) Take you elastic piece and turn it so that the seam is facing you. (first photo,above) What you are going to do it pinch an inch of the side of your body fabric. (second photo,above) Lay the pinch of fabric flat, and then set your elastic (seam up) over the pinch, in the center. (third photo,above) Fold the remaining fabric above the elastic down over the elastic. Now fold the bottom remaining fabric up over the elastic (last photo,above)

Sew a straight line (do a better job than me) a quarter inch in over all your layers. Do the same steps for your other side. Once you have done this, your headband should look like the middle picture above. Now, flip this over and see how wonderfully you did! All your seams will be hidden underneath and you will have a very neatly done headband!

Lastly, to tie it! Flip it over, tuck one end of you knot under the body of your band and tie it....in a knot...its a knotted headband...

I'm so proud of you! SO cute right!!!? Thank you so much for sewing along with me! If you made this, I would LOVE to see it! Email me at passionatelycurioushousewife@gmail.com

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