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DIY Valentines Day envelope.

*Sew and no sew directions. Lots of pictures!

I love an opportunity to celebrate.

I enjoy deviating from the everyday ins and outs. And if there is a theme......hold me back. Hearts, and red, pink, and white excited.

What are you wearing? Are we just dressing cute with the theme or are we talking full on DRESSED UP?

What's the food situation? Heart shaped junk food!? I'm there.

Music? Love songs and killer break up music? I'll make a playlist.

Valentines is only one day a year and that just doesn't work for me. So I made these fabric envelopes to create sort of a Valentines advent for my little loves, and hubs. That rhymed. These are so easy and so effective.

I hang them on their doors February first, and basically they get 14 days of little goodies. My kids love looking forward to these everyday. Last year I found printable Valentines online and each day they got a little valentine and a piece of candy. It doesn't have to be anything crazy, they just like to know how much they are thought of, and like me, they enjoy a deviation from the everyday too. The last day is on Valentines when we usually have a special themed family dinner and the kids get a little bigger treat that day. Maybe a stuffed animal and some candy etc.

This envelope is super easy and quick to make. If you wanted to you could have your kiddos make them themselves as a fun craft. Let them decorate them with stickers and heart shaped everything. You could for sure have your kids leave kind notes for one another too.

•Ideas and Suggestions•

•You could use this for so many groups-



spouse/ significant other


church groups

•Using felt and Elmers glue makes this super easy and affordable

•These are such a fun tradition to use every year

•Sew on patches would make these so cute

*Note about the edges and finishing touches

You can make this out of just about anything since you won't be throwing it in the washing machine. You can choose to tuck in the raw edges or not, that's entirely up to you. When I did it last year I opted not to tuck in my cut edges ( I wanted more of a shabby chic feel)

On the left are the ones from last year with the raw edges, and on the right is the one with a finished edge. Notice that I did still finish the flap on the one from last year. This is because the flat will fray more than any other part. If you use something like felt to make it, that would be a great option with no fraying.

Also on the left you see I added ribbon and hearts last year. Take a minute before you start and decide what you think you'd like it to end up like. If you want to add ribbon like the first picture below, simply sew that in place ahead of time (if you are finishing your edges make sure you put the ribbon in far enough from the sides) and then make your envelope just as the directions say.

Lets Get Started!

*Sew and no-sew directions

Ok so first step is to cut out a rectangle 10 x 16 inches. From the bottom, fold your envelope up six inches, and press into place. With the 4 inch flap on top fold both corners down so that they touch, and make a point on top. Press into place.

*Click any of the pictures below to enlarge

Now if you are going no sew, you can just cut along where you pressed and bring it to a point. Because the flap will be the most used part it will start to fray so I do recommend finishing it, even if you just use glue to hold it together.

To finish the flap so that the point doesn't fray trim off the excess. Leave a half an inch on the outside of your folds. Since we don't want the point on the flat to start to fall apart we are going to finish this point. To make it nice and tidy, cut a straight line across the current point. Fold the fabric under a quarter inch and press (see middle picture below). Then, along the sides you already pressed, fold them back down bringing your straight fold on the top, to a new (tucked under) point.

If you want the rough edges you can simply sew (or glue) up your sides and sew down your loose pieces on your flap. If you're going all sew, follow below.

Ok so unfold the bottom half of your envelope. Fold both of your long sides in a quarter inch and press and sew into place.

Next fold the very bottom of your envelope up a half an inch and press and sew into place.

Now sew your point and unfinished edges on the flap into place.

Make sure the body of your envelope is right where you want it, and press it into place. Before you sew, if you want to add a ribbon so you can hang this like I did, now's your chance! I used 17 inches of ribbon here and tucked about an inch of both ends into the top corner.

Lastly, sew up both sides of the body of your envelope, and you're done!

Now you can stamp or further embellish however you like!

Did you make these? I would love to see yours! Send me a picture to and don't forget to sign up for emails below!

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