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Clutch Nails Review

**Paid Review

One of the top questions I get is "what press on nails do you use?". Since I do my own acrylics, and the few times I've used press on nails I was super unimpressed, I've had nothing to offer you guys.

So when Clutch reached out and asked me to do a review I was really excited!

While I love my acrylics, most women don't want to try it themselves so I figured this would be a great option....I was pleasantly surprised to find that they will be an excellent option for me too!


Typically when I look at press on nails, the main deterrent for me is the style. They generally LOOK like press on nails. The "natural" style ones look very fake, and the polished and embellished nails looked super cheap, and the curve against the cuticle line looks sort of like its just been stuck on. So when I popped over to the Clutch website HERE, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually loved a lot of the style options. Everything from simple polished nails, to edgy designs, even seasonal ones! I was super excited about the fact that they also offered different tip styles!

I narrowed my choice down to the Stiletto shaped, Matte finished, jeweled nails called High Maintenance.


My set was gifted to me (retail on the High Maintenance set is just under $12.00), but after searching their website, the average cost of a set was right around $10.00. The most expensive set I saw was just under $15.00. They also have some three set options that will run you around $30.00.

The average cost of a manicure in the US is around $20.00. This doesn't include a tip or any nail art etc. The average cost of a set or acrylics in the US will run you closer to $50.00, again this doesn't include polish, nail art, or tip.


I'm big on presentation. I feel like companies that take the time to think about packaging, care about their product. When my nails got here, I was happy to see that they not only looked great, but they made me excited for the possibilities. The packaging is cute enough to be a fun gift and would make a fabulous addition to a gift bag!

•What's included?•

Within my package (and pretty much all the other types) you get 24 reusable nails in various sizes. They give you a nail file with a pretty decent grit, and you get their Clutch nail glue.

There is also an instruction pamphlet that includes directions for how to use these nails for long or short wear. This is pretty genius to me. While I always prefer longer wear, I worked at a clinic a while back where I remember a nurse complaining that she really wanted to get acrylics for her wedding, but she was going to go back to work the following Monday, and she didn't want to hassle with the removal process... let alone paying to have them on for two days... and then paying to take them off. Also baristas at Starbucks aren't allowed to have acrylics ( as well as some restaurants) so short wear would be perfect for a date night or special event.


So these have you take six steps to apply. My favorite part of this was that they have included pretty much everything you need in the box.

The steps are-

  1. Wash hands and push back cuticle. (There is no orange stick or cuticle pusher included)

  2. File you nail bed. (With included file.)

  3. Match your nail size

  4. Apply one drop of glue to your natural nail (With included glue)

  5. Apply one drop of glue to the underneath side of your Clutch nail (With same included glue)

  6. Apply and hold down firmly for 30 seconds

One of my primary concerns was the fit. I have wider nail beds and I generally have a difficult time even finding nail tips for my acrylics that fit. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not an issue! Hooray!

My only bummer was that the jeweled nails included (four total) were all smaller sized nails so in order to be able to enjoy them, I ended up with a bit of exposed natural nail on my ring fingers (see last photo below). I wish that they had included a couple of the jeweled nails in the larger sizes. There were however nails that weren't jeweled that definitely covered all of the ring finger nail so that was great!

This entire process was incredibly fast. It took me under five minutes to get them all on. Honestly, I couldn't believe how good they looked considering how quick the process was!


I haven't removed them yet because I'm still enjoying them, but the directions day to soak them in warm soapy water for 15-20 minutes to help loosen them. Then carefully lift up the edge by the cuticle and apply a cuticle oil to further release the glue.


•Convenience- There have been many times that we were getting ready to head out of town and in the chaos I had zero time to do my own nails, let alone take time to have them done. You could easily apply these in your car, hotel room, or even on your flight. There is no strong smell so this is a legitimate possibility, and with the nail glue being well below 1 oz. you can easily carry this on.

•Options- Tons of options for whatever your taste is. They offer seasonal options which is so fun. You can also file these nails down. The genius of these is that the color isn't just painted on. The color is in the nail itself so when you file these down, you don't have an ugly white or beige tip showing. My nails are black whether I cut or file them. So smart.

•Packaging- Packaging is modern and looks expensive. I would absolutely give these as a gift to someone along with a gift card etc.

•Cost- This is a huge plus. Manicures chip and never last long for me, I also can't ever grow my nails out so I'm not a manicure fan. Acrylics and the upkeep of them are incredibly expensive compared to Clutch nails. You could have a new set of Clutch nails every week for a month and still be in them less than one set of acrylic nails.

•Application- This process is both easy and quick. Directions are clear and easy to follow. They have a video tutorial you can watch as well! You can see that HERE

•Quality- I'm impressed. These nails are durable, and look expensive. I ran to the vet and through Starbucks the next day and girls at both places asked where I got my nails done. They are even reusable and can be re-applied!

•Wear- I'm on day 5 and going strong. I actually think the quality of these looks better after 5 days than acrylics, that tend to not look as great once they've had a few days to grow out.

•Removal- I love that the removal process is warm soapy water, and cuticle oil. Removal of acrylic nails includes a lot of chemicals, and it's much harder on your natural nails.

•Availability- These are readily available at Target, and


•The bling nail sizing- I wish that the jeweled nails came in a few larger sizes so I could really have the look I saw advertised.


I have to be honest. I went into this expecting Clutch nails to be like other cheap press on nails I've tried. I never expected to actually want these for myself. I would (and will)100% buy these again. In fact, my next set I want to try is the Bad Barbie set!

I'm cautious when I recommend products to people. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone! I'm beyond thrilled to have a solution that saves me so much time and money!

Click HERE to shop Clutch nails!

**"While I do receive compensation for reviews, I always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics, events, or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers own"

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