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Classic and New Activities for Kids of All Ages.

Before all this self quarantine nonsense started I was already with my children, all day, every day. I'm happy to share some of our favorite activities with you! Below are some classic kiddo activities with some you might not have though of. If you have a favorite activity you and your kids do that's not on this list, email me at passionatelycurioushousewife@gmail.com. I'd LOVE to hear it and share on this list!

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1. Water and chalk painting. My kids LOVE this one. Super simple. Just give them a cup of water to dip their chalk in and the chalk goes from subtle pastels to super vivid colors! My favorite chalk is linked HERE.

2. Another big hit along those same lines is face paint. Hear me out. Not on their faces but on their arms and legs. I promise it's not as messy as you think and it's just a whole new element. I've tried a few and my favorite face paint is linked HERE. Makeup remover is good to have on hand for this activity. I use THIS one.

3. Lego's. You may have some around. If your child is bored with his or if they've lost their instructions, you can look them up totally free HERE. You can also look up other instructions to work on with the Lego's you have. My son loves looking through Pinterest for Lego inspiration as well. If you'd like to treat your kiddo to a new one, HERE is one I've been looking at for my three year old girl , and HERE is one I've been looking at for my 10 year old boy. If your kiddo has Lego's and they are a stinking mess, THIS

blog post on Lego organization may help you.

4. Coloring books, pages, and word puzzles. This one is so simple that I always forget it. If you have a printer, Teachers Pay Teachers and other learning sites have free coloring pages with just a hint of learning on them. You can also print mazes and puzzles for your bigger kids. Penny got THIS darling activity book for Easter that she just adores!

5. Play-doh. Another classic. In my house, we have THIS kit, but I also get out plates and cups and measuring spoons and rolling pins....the meat tenderizer.....My kids have always loved play using unusual objects and I'm betting yours will too.

6. Rock painting. This activity is low key, peaceful and can take up a huge chunk of time in the best way. Take a walk, a drive, a hike to a lake, a pond, wherever you like, and spend time there. Bring a ziplock or a tote you don't mind getting dirty. Bring a lunch maybe? Talk with your kiddo. Hear them. Discuss everything they want to. While you're there have them pick their favorite rocks, preferably smooth. Small or large. Bring them home, let your kiddo wash and dry them. Then have them paint anything they want and you can too. Once dry, you can choose to clear coat and put somewhere special in your yard. It's a fun reminder of this day together. I don't love children's paints. The colors are never vivid enough for me. I use Apple Barrel Paints from Walmart. They are inexpensive paints with more color options, and more paint for your money.

7. Puzzles. I love puzzles, there are so many different types these days especially for the little kiddos. Below are the ones Penny is currently loving and a few we got Maddox when he was younger. HERE is one are Maddox and I enjoyed doing together.

8. This one is a bit more specific. If you or someone you know has a phone they aren't using anymore, have them clear it off. Charge it up. Let your kiddo go and take pictures. Even if the phone is no longer attached to a cell plan you can still use it with the internet in your house. Hook it up to your wifi and you can download an app for free called Stop Motion Studio and have them make stop motion movies and put them to music etc. Have your child take pictures of their favorite Lego creations, or make music videos or their own movies. Let them imagine. I love seeing what matters to my kids on film. This is a great one for them to do on their own.

9. A quiet activity to do together is to look through pictures. Show them, themselves as babies. Show them you and your spouse at their age and their family members. Show them your siblings. Tell them all the stories you've forgotten. My children LOVE doing this.

10. Bubbles. Let's be honest. You like bubbles too. You can buy a huge thing of them HERE and lots of different wands HERE. This is actually a great indoor and outdoor activity as long as your children can be trusted not to dump the bubbles out inside!

11. Box play. If you don't have adequate boxes, you can buy brand new ones from Walmart for under two dollars. Make sure you get tape and markers and have a box cutter on hand to help them out. Make a car with a door, make a house or a plane, maybe a lab. Another huge hit at my house.

12. Water play. Fill up your sink or tub, put down a towel, get a stool if necessary and give them all their waterproof toys and cups and measuring spoons, a ladle and let them imagine. We like to keep the water on to a really thin stream so they can use the steady flow of water to further their imaginary play. If the weather is good you can fill up a huge Rubbermaid outside with the same thought process. You can also get a water table. Both of my children are big time water babies so THIS is the one we have at our house.

13. Dress up. If you have clothes and makeup you aren't using any longer, lay them out and let em' at it. My daughter LIVES for this.

14. Butcher paper. I bought THIS huge roll of paper, literally 5-6 years ago and haven't regretted it once. Lay them out a huge sheet and let them paint, or color. Have them lie on the paper and trace them and have them fill their shape in with things that they think makes them who they are or what they love. Give them stickers and glue and anything you can find and let them go nuts. There's something about the bigger paper that kids just love.

15. Bracelets and beaded things. Remember friendship bracelets? How about those lizard key chains all the boys made? There's a guy on YouTube HERE who gives tutorials on all those beaded projects. We bought and love THIS kit. I also got THESE and THESE letter beads. Don't forget the plastic cording, we used THESE. Maddox likes to spell out cool stuff and I use them to help Penny with her letters. We have THIS thread floss to make friendship bracelets.

16. Finger puppets. I found THESE on Amazon. There are 20 of them, animals and people. Use them to tell stories, let your child make up and tell you stories. Decide which one is each family member and pretend to be each other. We all end up laughing with this one!

17. Glow stick party. We always have glow sticks on hand. I get THIS pack and once it's dark we all go outside and just have fun. I loved feeling like I was getting away with something by being out in the dark playing!

18. Paint your daughters nails, let her paint yours. My son was always so curious about this. I let him paint my toenails and then I clear coated them and wore them around for a week or so. He was so proud!

19. Mini catapult. 7 popsicle sticks (I get THIS pack), some sort of small plastic lid, 5 rubber bands, and a glue gun. Penny thought hers looked like an airplane so once they were done shooting candy, Penny played contently with hers while Maddox modified his to shoot the candy so hard it literally could've hurt someone (I'm rolling my eyes). Step by step below, so easy to make and SO much fun. Anything that can fit in your lid you can catapult. As a bonus I let Maddox use the popsicle sticks and glue gun to create and he's happy for hours.

*Step One- Let your kids decorate a popsicle or two just for some extra creativity. Keep in mind that you will really only see the top of two popsicles.

*Step Two- Rubber band 5 popsicle sticks together on both ends. See picture above.

*Step Three- With your remaining two sticks, put one above your five banded sticks, and one below. Take a rubber band and wrap it around close to the front (but not too close). See above.

*Step Four- With your last rubber band, use it to wrap around where the sticks meet in any direction. See above.

*Step Five- Hot glue your plastic lid upside down on the opposite end. This will be where you will put things to launch. *Important* Leave a finger space between the end of the stick and the lid. This way your child has a place to press for launching, that won't start to make their fingers sore, also the constant pushing of the lid will cause it to loosen.

*Step Six- Let it cool for a few minutes and you're all set!

20. Board games. Below are our favorites. Maddox has been loving checkers recently and his patient father has been working with him on chess because I literally hate it so much. I also refuse to play UNO with my husband and son. They get so competitive it's unreal. I'm rolling my eyes again.


*Clue Jr.





This is off the top of my head, so check back and as I think of things, I'll continue to add more!

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