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Cake Pops....because there aren't enough ways to eat cake.

*Clear directions with tons of pictures. Click any of the pictures below to enlarge.

My son is curious about everything, he always has been.

He's the typical science type kid (engineering, Legos, etc.) except his curiosity is not limited to just his main interests.

When I would do my nail polish when he was tiny, he wanted to watch. How did it go on, is it safe for you, how long have women been wearing nail polish, is it different now than it was then, how long does it take to dry, is it uncomfortable, how do you get it off, and a hundred other questions about anything and everything I've ever done, that I myself have never really thought about before. I have never searched google so many times in my life. His thirst for knowledge is insatiable.

So when he tried a cake pop at a local coffee stand during Christmas that he loved, then tried a different one a few months later, at the same stand that didn't live up to the first.... he asked if this was something I could correct for him.

I've never made cake pops before, but I figured it couldn't be too hard. (It took a minute of trial and error, but don't worry it isn't hard, and I figured it all out for you) These turned out so good, and my family gobbled them right up! Lets jump into it!

•What You Need•

- Box cake mix (and the ingredients it asks for)

- Container of frosting

- Cake pop Sticks

- Bark or candy melts

- Extras, details below

If you are going to make them like lollipops, you'll need to have something on hand for them to dry standing up. I found some Styrofoam blocks for standing the pops up to dry. You could also use a shoebox with holes poked in it ahead of time, or an upside down egg carton.

You'll also need a good container for dipping. We want depth here. Not necessarily a big bowl, but something deep enough for dipping. I used this large coffee mug.

The dipping chocolate. In full transparency, I've never had a cake pop that I was excited about. The outer layer of chocolate always had a weird taste. I think people often use candy melts for dipping which in my opinion are great for decorating, but don't have a great flavor. So I got almond bark for the dipping (they come in other flavors too), and candy melts for the decorating. The almond bark will harden like the candy melts, but has a much better flavor.


Start with your favorite cake mix. Prepare it according to the directions on the box.

Follow cooking directions. Once its done, cover loosely and let it cool for several hours.

Once its totally cooled, put it in a large bowl, and break it up into smaller pieces. Start by mixing in half the container of your frosting, and mix the cake thoroughly together. Once the whole thing is totally mixed, it should hold its shape easily when rolled into a ball, add a little bit more frosting to your mix is necessary.

Once you have your consistency down, roll them into balls. I started off by making them golf ball sized, which is just a bit too bit. I ended up with them being just slightly bigger than a quarter. Roll all them bad boys, and then refrigerate them for a few hours, or put them in the freezer for two hours. We want them firm, but not frozen. If they are too cold when you dip them, it can make the chocolate do strange things.

Just before the cake balls are done chilling, melt your chocolate. Follow the directions on the package for melting your bark. For convenience, I melted my candy melts in piping bags, but I would hold off melting the decorating chocolate until after you are done dipping. The candy melts seemed to cool faster.

*Don't use a double boiler for heating your chocolate here, reheating the chocolate for these will cause the chocolate to crack and look nasty. My bark stayed perfectly melted through the entire process.

I had a totally different plan in mind for these decoration wise, but after dipping, my cake balls were falling off the sticks. The best solution I came up with was to dip the sticks in the chocolate before putting them in the cake balls. The chocolate firms up and acts almost like a glue, and helps keep them on the sticks.

Once I figured out how to keep them on, dipping was easy. Just dunk straight down and pull straight up. Don't get fancy, but do hold the cake pop upside down and gently do a tap twist to get off the excess chocolate, otherwise when you stand it up to dry, the chocolate will drip.

Don't be alarmed here, they look like creepy little....I don't know....but....Cut the tip off your piping bags, and start decorating...

...and boom! Cuteness everywhere! All I did was zig zag each color is different directions, super easy, but super cute! You could dip these in sprinkles while they are still wet, add little candy pieces, all sorts of things!

I also dipped several, and turned them upside down to see how they looked. Those turned out super cute as well!

Guys, these are so easy and fun! I can't wait to try different flavors and decorations!

If you tried these, I'd love to see a picture! Shoot me an email at, and don't forget to sign up for emails below!

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