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Bunting/Banner Tutorial

*Free template in three sizes and tons of pictures!

Two things I love? Decorating, and themes. Decorating for a specific theme, now I'm excited!

I have no idea when it started, but I am obsessed with bunting. I love that it looks happy. I love that its kitschy without being too kitschy. I love that its appropriate year round'.

I have bunting in my preschoolers room made out of leftover fabric from her baby blankets. I have plain burlap bunting just to add to a space for any occasion. I have it for every holiday....I just love it. Pair it with a pom pom banner......guuuuurl I will throw my money at you. There is very little keeping me from lining the inside of my car with pom pom trim. I don't even care. I love it.

So when I picked up this beautiful green wreath, I knew I needed to add just a tiny bit extra to it for the summer. This so so easy to do. You can sew it, or glue gun it, but either way I hope you are obsessed and one day I will drive by your house and comment on how cute it looks with that bunting outside!

•What You Need•

•Fabric in multiple colors

•Bias tape, or twine

•Glue Gun or sewing machine

•Pom Poms in coordinating colors

Ok so you have two options here. If you choose to use bias tape, you simply tuck your fabric into the pre-made tape, and glue. If you choose to use twine, you just need to fold about a half an inch over and nip the corners. The two option looks are below.

•Bias Tape• •Twine•


Click HERE for your free printable in three sizes. You can use this for the bias tape or the twine tutorial! FIY,After I made this, I changed the pattern so mine will look different than yours.

•Twine Directions•

Start of by measuring where you want to hang your bunting. I found this darling bright wreath HERE, so I measured where I wanted the bunting to hang, and I added a few extra inches so I had excess on either side for hanging.

I did a teeny bit of math to find out how many flags I needed, making sure I could leave space in between each flag. You can put each flag right next to each other, or space them out a bit. Its entirely up to you. Closer together looks a bit for uniformed. Spacing them further apart gives the bunting a more shabby chic feel.

I made a bunting for my wreath and one for my mantle so I cut out the two smallest sizes of the pattern, traced, and cut out all the little flags.

Fold flags half an inch over and press. Then nip the little corners off so that there is no visible hangover once its glued over the twine.

Before you start gluing, figure out the pattern and spacing you want to hang them in.

Then, place the twine on the backside of the fabric, right along the crease. Put a small amount of glue close to the twine, and fold your fabric back over and hold in place just for a second till the glue sets.

Repeat the process in the pattern you chose, and that's literally it! Super easy! Keep reading for the pom pom garland directions!


•Bias Tape•

Following the tracing and cutting directions above (no need to fold over and press), all you have to do here is lift the bias tape once, and lay your flag inside of the open tape.

Run a thin line of glue along the top, let the bias tape fold back over the top. Press in place. Repeat, and that's it!


•Pom Pom Garland•

The pom pom garland is so easy and so cute! Just measure how long you'd like it to be. Leave a little extra length for a loop at the ends for hanging. Lay out how far apart you'd like each pom pom. Glue each one in place. Once the glue has a second to cool, squeeze the pom pom around the twine so that the ball is wrapped all the way around the twine, and that's it!

The easiest tutorial ever! If you made this, I'd love to see yours. Send me an email to, and don't forget to sign up for emails below!

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