• Becca Hoselton

Bright & Cozy Porch Décor

The weather has finally turned and we are in full outdoor living season out here in Wyoming! I put together some of my favorite outdoor items that I cannot wait to have a porch to use!

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  1. Love the simple vintage feel of these lights. Perfect for extra ambient lighting.

  2. These are oversized scrabble tiles. I love the idea of a single one for decoration, or maybe spelling out your last name etc. So fun!

  3. I always love a lantern for outdoors and these aren't just decorative, you can actually use candles in them.

  4. I love this lantern, not just because it makes for really beautiful lighting, they are also really beautiful for daytime too.

  5. To me, an outdoor rug is what makes outdoor living space so homey.

  6. This little set comes in 7 colors and will brighten up any porch.

  7. This is such a pretty outdoor thermometer and it adds just a little extra.

  8. These darling planters come in a set, and I love the little punch of color they add.

  9. I adore this sign! I love the vintage feel, and the message is so perfect.

  10. This throw is beautiful and comes in 3 different sizes. I love having a comfy blanket for chilly mornings and evenings.

  11. Love this as a pop of color. Below are some hooks you can use so you don't have to make marks on your siding!

  12. This comes in as a set 2 pillows and the rug for under $30. So cute to tie things together.

*Paid Links

Click highlighted words below for more info and to shop each outdoor item!

  1. Cushions are the perfect way to bring new life to an older table set or just add a little extra color.

  2. Are these not the sweetest lights!?

  3. Love this! Doesn't take up much space, and you can use it for plants and other cute decorations to bring the inside, out.

  4. Buffalo check and pom poms? Couple of my favorites! Love this set.

  5. Ok, these have really good reviews and I love them for just an easy, use anywhere, practical item.

  6. I am completely stoked about these! I love love love these for making a plain concrete slab something special, or maybe to cover up some cracks?

  7. Is this not beautiful?

  8. This to me is genius! You can hang wreaths and such outside without blemishing your siding!

  9. Yellow! So bright and cheery!

  10. This sweet set is rockers! I love the idea of rocking in these with my morning coffee.

  11. These pillow covers! They come in 9 colors. The perfect way to revive older pillows.

  12. I love the vintage-y feel of this watering can. Also comes in white.

I hope the weather has finally perked up where you are. I'm looking forward to spending long days on the porch with my family. I hope you get to do the same!

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