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Adorable diy Spring bunting

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Spring has officially begun, according to my calendar. Spring is one of the trickier seasons to me. The others are much more straight forward. Summer....mmmmm.....you can just feel it can't you? Longer nights, bonfires, floating the river in peace, barbecues, and adorable lightweight dresses. I'll forever be barefoot inside and outside during the summer. It always smells like fresh grass and you can lay out and cook in the heat. I love summer.

Then fall, my favorite season for my entire life. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest my favorite thing was the cool fall air by the water. That toasty fall smell mixed with the ocean breeze, all wrapped up in a sweatshirt- i'll never forget it. It's cooler but not freezing just yet. Daylight savings blesses you with an extra hour of rest. Warm coffee starts to always sound like a good idea. You get to pull out your cute coats and boots. Taking walks and crunching on those gorgeous colored fallen leaves. Don't even get me started on how much I love Halloween.

Winter. Things slow down and get chilly. Cute scarfs,hats, and gloves get to make an appearance. Hallmark channel starts playing those perfectly predictable movies that I just love. Baking is something I want to do every minute. I'm basically hooked up to a hot coffee IV from November thru February. Sledding and warm fires, cozy blankets....Christmas....Winter really is magical.

Then there's Spring. I'm going to tell you the truth here. It's not my favorite. It's still cold, but now its a soggy cold. Things are still dead and while I love a good rain storm, this rain is biting and miserable. Daylight savings steals an hour of my sleep. I've yet to master the perfect Spring look. Light Spring clothes with a big winter coat, no thanks. I do however love the promise Spring makes. Every time the sun comes out, the entire neighborhood does too. You start to remember that you did in fact use to go outside longer than just darting to and from your warm car to your warm home. It slowly starts to revive the trees and grass, and I'm all here for it.

Out here in Wyoming we still have a couple inches of snow on the ground. Spring feels very far off for us, but just like every other year that I've lived in the Rockies I start decorating as soon as the sun sticks around more than a day or so. My version of bribing the sun to draw nearer is tempting it with perky bright decorations, and wearing clothing that I basically freeze in while I pretend I'm not.

We are in a bit of a transition period in our house. After spending the majority of our marriage in Montana, my husband accepted a position at another company in Florida. After only a year in the south he was offered another position.... basically right back where we were started. We are now in Wyoming and have been for a bit. We have been looking for a place to settle longer term, and while we do that we are in a smaller rental with all of my decorations (not to mention most of my clothing) in storage and not so easily accessible.

In an effort to bribe the sun while most of my Spring-y things are hiding from me, I set out to make something to brighten things up. Call it a banner, call it bunting, garland (I typically call it bunting) I decided a cute bunny bunting would be just cheery enough to will the warmer weather.

Here is what you will need to make this little cutie:

*Click on any of the items below to purchase online! (Paid Link)

1 burlap bunting

3 different colored fabrics

Assorted buttons

Fabric scissors

• Template PRINT HERE


Glue gun

Glue sticks

I found this pre made burlap bunting on Amazon, I might have purchased three of them. (I'm not kidding)

I typically have a bunch of scraps from various projects readily available. If you don't, you can purchase fat quarters and since each stencil is under 3x3 inches you will have plenty of left over fabric. Maybe you could even gift one of these little cuties!

I also purchased these buttons. I've ended up using these for more projects than I can count.

I made myself a little template and I printed it onto card stock as a stencil. You can print the stencil for free HERE. I also included an egg, duck, and butterfly along with the bunny stencil.

This bunting has fifteen triangles so I cut out fifteen bunnies. 5 in yellow with white polka dots, 5 in a white floral and 5 in a darker eggplant floral. After I cut the bunnies out I started with a yellow bunny and used my glue gun to glue them in the center of a triangle rotating each color as I went. This little glue gun comes with 10 glue sticks for under five dollars and we've literally had it forever. Such a great thing to have on hand.Then I rotated yellow, white, eggplant through the rest of the bunting. I then picked white buttons for the yellow bunnies, black buttons for the white bunnies, and green buttons for the eggplant bunnies. The buttons are darling ( Penny was very pleased) I wish that I had little white or cream pom poms on hand to use for little 3D puffy bunny tails but I didn't. You can get those HERE if that sounds like more your style.

I'm so happy with how this turned out, and it was so simple to do. It can be done so many different ways. If you made this, shoot me a picture! I'd love to see yours!

Since I'm sure you were wondering, my son was watching The Middle while I took this. But how cute is this bunting!?

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