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10 Ways to Wear a Wide Brim Hat

Anybody else get picky about hats? I think the right hat, in the right fit, can make you feel so put together, and compliment your outfit....or hide some really messy, possibly unwashed hair. Often times if I find a great hat I get in the habit of wearing my hair the exact same way every time. When I found this darling (and adjustable!?) hat, I knew I wanted to get a ton of use out of it. I set out to find how many ways I could wear this cutie and I'm here to share them with you! Some look similar in the photos, so below I will explain the differences and how easy they all are to do!

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1. Simple, hair down hat tipped back. This would be cute with straightened or even really naturally curly hair. Easy, and on trend.

2. Two buns, behind the ears. If you have short hair these are still easily attainable, just tie them as you would a top knot or low messy bun. If your hair is longer, you can take the hair that hangs out of the bun and wrap it around where the pony tail holder is. Once wrapped around I tuck the hair into the pony tail holder, but you can also use bobby pins to keep the hair in place. Pull a few strands down around your face for a messier, softer look.

3. A single bun in the back. This is a simple, classic look. The bun is easy to do and honestly you can be messy with it and you'll still look very put together.

4. A pony tail, tied in the back. I love this one. Having it tied in the back makes it easy to get the hair out of your way in a snap, but pull forward resting on your shoulder for a softer look. Loosen a few strands around your face for soften this look further.

5. Double braid. This is great for keeping cool. It really keeps your hair off your neck, and everything held together and out of your face. Perfect for a beach day! For a carefree, undone look you can fasten your braids an inch or so below where you finished braiding and use your fingers to gently pull the braid apart. So pretty.

6. Pigtails. I love low pigtails, behind the ear. Worn the right way they are just so fun! Once I fasten them I make sure to really pull them snug against my head, it makes them fan out a bit and your hair looks thicker.

7. One side braid. Another great beach wear. Make it tight or pull it apart for a casual look, you just cant go wrong.

8. Side pony. Rather than fastening it in the back, fasten this one just behind your ear and pull it snug. A really soft look that stays put.

9. One side bun. Another favorite of mine. Here I prefer to wrap the loose hair around where I tied the bun. It looks really classy and put together. This one is a really nice way to dress up this more casual hat.

10. Loose waves, down in front. A very classic way to wear a hat. Looks effortless whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight.

Which way do you usually wear your hat? Did you see a favorite on this list? Click the link below to shop this cutie. Under $20 and adjustable inside! They offer the hat itself in many different colors, and tons of accents that wrap around the base. I almost got one that had a super cute belt detail instead on the black ribbon! Gah! So cute!

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